Young plants in DNA of Lazzeri

a long tradition that has transformed itself and reacts to the adverse market conditions in recent years. Thanks to this commitment, they explain, we can now continue to deliver our plants with renewed energy to the Italian growers. The company can count on four production units: in Meran, the historic home, there are housed the executive offices and the research center where all the genetic are developed;

in Lazio, in Sabaudia (LT), there are two factories in part intended for mother plants and the rooting process. Finally Oversea, in Brazil, the company buys young plants for the European market. The mission of Lazzeri is to deliver young plants. But we also put at the disposal of the modern grower our technical assistance and all the know-how which could be needed in the culture and help to get a maximum of success. In the last two decades, the company has devoted great energies to the development of new varieties of the own breeding and the market is giving satisfaction.

Our sector of research is always looking for new products in different formats, taking in consideration the most modern culture methods and quality. The selected young plants undergo stringent health controls

according to the European CEE standards and therefore we are able to supply products conform to the requirements of the market.

The range is composed of two collections: “autumn-winter” with more than 600 varieties in catalog, “spring – summer” with more than 630 varieties. In the autumn assortment the biggest part is Poinsettia:

Allegra, Superba, Futura, Rubino and the newest Gloria and Serena are the most known examples, but also

numerous are the variants in color as bicolor as their earliness in flower. The spring assortment in the catalog is very wide, the hybridization of Lazzeri are more than 250 varieties between the following series:

  • Argyranthemum “ Bella Vita”

  • Aspilia “Brasilia”

  • Bidens “Solea”

  • Bracteantha / Elicrisum “ Braxi”

  • Calibrachoa “Mille Baci” and “Tutti Frutti”

  • Dipladenia “ Amore Mio”

  • Heliotropium “Laguna”

  • Osteospermum / Dimorphotheca “Leonardo”

  • Pelargonium “Gran Gala”

  • Petunia “ La Signora”

  • Portulaca “ Duna”

  • Verbena “Benissima” and “Primavera”

The solgan we have created says: “ …. Where the future grows…. “ and this premises we would like to bring in the greenhouses of the Italian growers to grow together.


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