Scrupulous health checks are regularly and methodically conducted to guarantee a high standard of quality for Lazzeri products. Producing high quality finished plants is possible only when the materials used at the start of the growing process are perfectly healthy. The young plants must be allowed to develop in conditions that minimize the risk of infection. Lazzeri pursues this principle with diligence and dedication, so that floriculture and nursery professionals who prefer its products may be assured of the quality and health of the vegetal material. A laboratory with "state of the art" instruments allows the application of standards that make all this possible. In vitro culture, combined with thermo-therapy, is of fundamental importance. In the initial phase, the state of health of each individual plant is checked and in the final stages a check is performed on random samples. Each plant requires specific pathogen tests, also according to its stage of development. In addition to the pathogens included in the official EEC lists, a monitoring system has been developed for the most dangerous and particularly destructive pathogens such as, for example, Xanthomonas, which causes geranium blight. The most important systematically monitored pathogens are TSWV and INSV for Impatiens; TMV, CMV, AMV and PVY for petunias like Surfinia® and Million Bells®. In the laboratory Lazzeri devotes special efforts to research, which is focused on developing hybrids in order to improve the nature of plants and introduce increasingly innovative varieties

Preparation of growth substrate
Each plant needs a suitable nutritive medium containing nutrient substances, vitamins and hormones. The medium is solidified by Agar and sterilized in an autoclave.


Laminar flow cap
The plants are grown in sterile conditions. The cultures must be regularly transplanted in fresh nutritional mediums.


The plants' health is monitored; any contaminated plants must be restored to health. Thermo-therapy is a method for treating plants. The temperature is gradually increased during growth so as to block the development of the virus while the plant continues to grow. Plant extremities are virus free and thus removed.



Culture chamber
The plants are cultured for 16 hours in a climate-controlled chamber with artificial lighting and a constant temperature of 23°C.

















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